MAC Artist Galleries

Apply for Consideration

Fill out the form below. We will send you a Dropbox link where you will upload a minimum of 20 photos* of your artwork and a word document that contains your biography and artist statement.

*The 20 photos you submit when applying for consideration do not need to be professional grade images. However, once an artist is accepted into the Artist Galleries Program, a high resolution, professional quality image of each piece in JPG format will be required.


What Should I Present To the Judges?

Start with some really good images of your work. Think of this as being the foundation upon which you will build. Professionally photographed work is preferred. Photograph your images on a white background.

Process for Submitting Photos:

  1. You will be emailed a Dropbox link where you can upload your artwork files directly to a folder with your name on it. To upload, just click on the upload box and select the photos from your file on your computer. Once accepted, we will send your information packet and answer any further questions.


  1. Please provide color corrected photos of your work that will show well on the wall of the gallery. If you do not have quality photos of your work, you might want to engage someone who has the expertise to take such photos. This is very important for the marketing and selling of your work.

Specifications for photos:

  • Each image should be labeled with a sequential number, title of piece and your name: (example: 01-Blue Bird-Smith.  then, 02-Blue Heron-Smith then 03-House Wren-Smith…etc.)


  • Image height of each photo should be 1200 pixels at 300 dpi with the dimensions of the same ratio as the dimensions of the art piece you are selling.


  • Crop your piece right up to the edge of the image. If your piece will be sold with a frame or mat, please include them in the image. 


Contact us if you have any questions!