Arlene Reiss

Arlene Reiss was born raised in New York to parents who encouraged much exposure to the exciting art world of Manhattan.

After graduating college with a degree in Art she lived and worked in New York in advertising and publishing, until she moved to the Mendocino Coast in 1970.

Being much inspired by her environment she became a plein-air pastel artist. After exhibiting and selling paintings in that genre for many years, she took 2 years off from gallery exhibiting to delve into more personal work and has continued to work as an intuitive artist since that time.

For the last 20 plus years her work is intuitively based and primarily abstract. She continues to explore a variety of mediums with much focus on Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage.

Living on the Mendocino Coast and spending part of the year on the Pacific Coast of Mexico she is very influenced by the colors and forms of the natural environment.

“It’s fascinating and mysterious that by making marks on paper a reality is created that never existed before. As I paint I become engaged in a dialogue with the piece; surprises happen, moods change and colors demand to be used. A relationship is created than can be immensely frustrating and sublimely satisfying, that has a depth reached by perseverance.”

Arlene’s work is in national and international collections. She is a founding and current member of Partner’s Gallery, www.partnersgallery.com.

She is the Acting Education Manager for the Mendocino Art Center.