MAC Art Galleries


What features are included with Mendocino Art Center Art Galleries?

  • We offer a virtual online gallery to display your work to potential buyers all over the United States

  • We pay the merchant gateway fees

  • We market your work to notable venues as well as social media outlets

  • We offer low monthly fees

  • We offer lovely virtual galleries to display your work

  • We will create and manage your gallery

  • We offer a direct point-of-sale e-merchant store

What is a Virtual Art Exhibition?

A collection of your photographed artworks that are presented in a virtual online catalogue or directory format, allowing the viewer to click through the collection, viewing each piece as a series of small thumbnails. You can Enter Our Storefront here.

What is A Virtual 3D Interactive Art Exhibition?

A collection of photographed artworks that have been curated and presented in a three-dimensional virtual model environment that replicates walking through a real gallery. As the viewer moves around the space each object changes in scale and perspective, giving a very close replica of an actual physical gallery experience. Experience our Gallery Here.

Who ships the artwork?

You do. Artists are responsible for shipping artwork to the buyer when a sale is made. 

Can I sell a piece framed?

Yes, but be sure to include that information in your fee and include it in the image you send to us that will represent your work in your gallery. You will be responsible for shipping fees and insurance.

What is the cost and requirements?

  • $1 per art piece per month that is in presented in your gallery

  • $75.00 one time set-up fee 

  • 25% commission for each piece sold

  • A membership to Mendocino Art Center.
  • Your art must not be priced below $80 or over $7,500

How do I get started?

Review the steps required on the Get Started page.

What do the galleries look like?

Can I add separate galleries?

Yes. You can purchase as many galleries as you want. You will be charged for each setup and $1.00 for each piece in the gallery. 

Where will my work be marketed?

We are reaching a host of commercial venues to market your work using Social Media ads, Art Societies, e-blasts and print marketing.

How often will I be paid?

We pay within 30 days after the month in which your piece was sold.

What happens when I sell a piece?

A representative from MAC Art Galleries will contact you immediately. Once we receive confirmation of delivery, MAC will send you a check, minus 25% commission. You can then contact us if you wish another artwork to be submitted to our jury process to replace the sold piece. There is no charge to add the new piece to your existing gallery.

Can I have more than 20 images in a room?

Yes. Up to 43 for our largest gallery. Our gallery curator will choose the right gallery size based on the number of pieces you submit.

How often will I be charged?

You will be charged a one time $75 set-up fee for the virtual gallery and e-commerce site. (or just a $40 fee if you do not want a gallery and only want a product page on our website). A $1.00 monthly fee is charged for every piece that is in your gallery or on your product page. If you have 21 pieces in your gallery, you will be charged a monthly fee of $21.00.

• You must also be a member of Mendocino Art Center. There is a yearly subscription fee. 

What colors can I choose from for my gallery walls?

Wall Colors

  • White

  • Light Grey

  • Grey

  • Charcoal

  • Green

  • Dark Yellow

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Dark Blue

*note, some inside wall separators are white or grey by default. Only the exterior walls are in color.

Jury Questions

Will the jury allow all submissions?

No. Our jury members reserve the right to refuse work based on theme, an abundance of similarly submitted work, content, or quality of image.

How will I be notified of acceptance or denial?

We will notify you through email.

What should I present to the judges?