MAC Art Galleries

Virtual Galleries for Online Art Sales

Are you a busy artist who would rather be spending your precious time creating instead of trying to sell your work?

Let the Mendocino Art Center help!

Our program includes:

  • a beautiful virtual online gallery to display your work to potential buyers all over the United States

  • a low monthly subscription fee that includes the online gallery, an online store, and gallery updates when a piece is sold

  • promotion and marketing of your work to notable magazines and artist venues as well as social media outlets

Just apply here, then upload photos of your work for juror consideration to the dropbox folder we send you. Once accepted, we will send you a pdf of how to send us details on your art pieces for the gallery.

Virtual Art Exhibitions

A collection of your photographed artworks are presented in a virtual online catalogue or directory format, allowing the viewer to click through the collection, viewing each piece as a series of small thumbnails.

Virtual 3D Interactive Art Exhibitions

A collection of photographed artworks that have been curated and presented in a three-dimensional virtual model environment replicating walking through a real gallery. Each of your images is placed into the model environment, proportionate in scale to the space and as a three-dimensional object responding to the viewer’s perspective. As the viewer moves around the space, each object changes in scale and perspective, giving a very close replica of an actual physical gallery experience. Experience our Galleries.