MAC Art Galleries

Get Started

MAC Art Galleries is an easy way for artists to sell their work online.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit the virtual reality galleries. They will give you an excellent understanding of what we are offering.

  2. Fill out the form in order to apply for consideration, then upload a minimum of 20 photos of your work to the dropbox link we send you.

  3. After acceptance, we’ll send you an information packet. Here you will give detailed information on each piece, pick a gallery wall color, submit your artist bio and statement, and provide other information for your gallery. If necessary, you may need to replace your original artwork photos with high resolution, professional quality versions.

  4. Join Mendocino Art Center membership, click here to join, pay both the setup fee and the monthly subscription fee via online invoice, after which your virtual gallery will be curated by one of our experienced technicians and published on the website where visitors can peruse and purchase your pieces.