Linda Maki

Linda Maki

A lifetime of drawing and sketching since childhood led me to my current main medium: oil painting.

The paths I have taken in my artwork are linked by a love of color and contrast. (And things in rows such as pastries lined up in the case.)
When I see something that I want to paint, I feel a tiny thrill in my heart. That’s how I find my subjects.
I love the aching nostalgia and loneliness found in abandoned trucks and machinery.

I have an ongoing pastry series painted in oil right onto discarded cookie sheets and trays. These “canvases” have a kitchen’s history baked right in.
Though I often paint from photos I have taken, I also find beautiful spots in the Bay Area and beyond and paint “alla prima”, in one session from nature.

I have studied with Adam Wolpert, Maddine Insalaco, Ben Brotherton and Jennifer McChristian.