Marta Alonso Canillar

The canvas for me is like a quantum field of possibilities and diversity is the motivation for my work, which is grounded on the observation of the natural world and the human connection. Using color as the magnet that attracts the attention of the viewer, images sometimes follow chaotic patterns and reversed scales, which in turn can transform into geometric shapes or an intimate eye contact with a portrait.

Most of the times, there is no rhyme of reason why i choose a subject. It only needs to catch my attention and I go along with it, and even though the images are rather representational, my main interest is in portraying the essence behind that image.
It is the portrayal of that essence that makes painting a creative adventure as well as a spiritual exploration.

I was born in Spain but have made my home in California since 1990.

I took my very first oil painting lesson in 2014 at a local Atelier with Cynda Valle in Willits, California and within four months I got the first commission to do a large oil painting, “Mariposa”, at Mariposa Market portraying a collage-look of rural Mendocino.
A year later, the newly built hospital in Willits commissioned me to do another large painting, “Commonwealth gardens”, for their physical therapy lobby, this time representing their kitchen garden.

In August of 2015 I had my first “graduation” exhibit at the Willits Center for the Arts.
But it wasn’t until January of 2018 that I made my work more public. I presented three pieces for a Juried Show at the Mendocino Art Center and took “Best in Show” for one of the paintings, “Phoenix”. That was my right of passage into the art scene.

A couple of months later I signed up to be a member of the Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg.

In 2019-2020, the Alleyway Mural Project gave me an opportunity to became a large scale painter by commissioning me to do a mural for the city of Fort Bragg. “Mendocino, land of extravagant visions” is found on the Skunk Train Property.

I am presently working on another mural for the city of Fort Bragg also, which is scheduled for September this year to be completed.