MAC Artist Galleries


Basic Pricing

Once your work has been accepted, we will send an information packet, contract and invoice. 


You must be a Mendocino Art Center member in order to participate in the MAC Artist Galleries, which has yearly dues. There are several choices to choose from with varying benefits. You can sign up on our website at

Monthly Fee

MAC Art Galleries charges $1.00 per month per piece of artwork that is in your gallery. We have a 20 piece minimum requirement. For example: if you have 25 pieces in your gallery, you will be charged a monthly fee of $25 per month. We have a maximum allowance of up to 43 pieces in one gallery.

Gallery Setup Fee

MAC Art Galleries charges a one-time $75 set up fee. The set-up fee includes the cost of a specialist’s design of your virtual gallery, placement and sizing of images, installation on woo-commerce, and creation of links to our shipping/payment processing features. You may choose to purchase as many galleries as you wish.

E-Commerce Only Set-up. If you choose to exclude the walkthrough virtual gallery the set-up fee is $40 and you will only have a grid-view of your work on our website with a link for purchase to the e-commerce store. No virtual gallery will be included.


MAC Art Galleries charges a 25% commission for each piece that you sell. There is no charge to replace a sold image with a new piece.

Shipping A Sold Piece

If one of your pieces is sold, you will be responsible for packaging, shipping cost and insurance to ship it to the buyer. If it is a local sale you can arrange for drop off at the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino CA where the buyer can pick it up. 

Additional Features Available - A La Carte

  • Gallery Inclusive Artist Photo and Biography
    Place your photo and biography within the gallery setting.

    (Note) This takes up a gallery wall spot but can be a nice way to
    enhance your gallery. Please see an example here at: Larry Wagner Gallery. 
    Fee: $40


  • Sculpture Pedestal
    Place your sculpture on a pedestal. Please see John Fisher’s gallery for an example.
    Fee $5 per sculpture


  • Art Replacement
    If you wish to change one of your pieces that have not sold. (Allowed once every three months)
    Fee $5.00 per piece


    Your gallery’s launch will be the focus of a special OPENING NIGHT marketing tour de force! MAC Artist Galleries will facilitate your personal event, our marketing experts will advertise the event to our networks, and we will coordinate your Zoom/live Facebook party where you will be provided with a professional host for your OPENING NIGHT. Your work will be featured with a short video and the entire event will be streamed to a live Facebook event. $250.00

    Featured Artist
    Feature your work in a banner that will reside on the home page of our website for a month, with a direct link to your artist gallery. Everyone who visits us will view you as the Featured Artist for that month.
    $100.00 per month