Spencer Brewer

Transforming everyday cast-offs into something extraordinary…

Spencer Brewer is a DSE (Dangerously Serial Entrepreneur) who creates ‘High Whimsey’ – fantastical pieces of sculptures out of vintage or unusual objects inspiring viewers with a sense of delight, surprise and wonder. His passion has been as an accomplished composer/pianist as well as a piano technician working on over 20,000 pianos made over the centuries. Working on pianos, crank phonographs, tube era electronics and old player mechanisms has been an inspiring lens into how well-crafted mechanisms were made. This all translated into Spencer’s skills recrafting vintage objects into sculptures.

His work with instruments as a technician gave him the opportunity to collect unique and obscure vintage mechanical objects along the way. Vintage parts, machines or industrial era ephemera are inspirations for his sculptures. “I don’t make things look old; they are old.” Analogue relics from the early 19th century through the 1920’s were once envisioned, graphically drawn and physically manufactured to last lifetimes, all out of the finest materials available from those eras. Utilizing these vintage materials, Spencer creates sculptures that hopefully inspires viewers to think outside the box in their own creative worlds.

He has been creating art and music his entire life, participating in dozens of art & museum shows, playing hundreds of concerts, lecturing musical master classes and having his work featured across streaming services, movies, TV, The Olympics & radio globally. With two #1 selling records as a composer, he has 17 solo records, is a featured artist on dozens, has produced hundreds of albums, film scores and radio commercials as well as concerts and festivals.

Over the last decade he has been an integral part of Wines That Rock, creating premium wines that enhance the direct connection between brands and fans like Grateful Dead, Cirque du Soleil, NPR, Virgin & TCM Wine clubs, Star Trek, Hallmark, Downton Abbey, Discovery, Rolling Stones and many others.

Truly a Renaissance man, Spencer creates music and art while working with organizations around their media, PR, marketing, production chops as he supports his local community.